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Pastor Dragisa and his wife, Nada, are visiting Fullarton ConneXions on Wednesday 26 February to update us on the work they organise in Serbia on behalf of Blythswood Care, including the distribution of shoeboxes sent to them. Dragisa will also be speaking about the work done among the Syrian refugees who arrive in his part of the country.

You, and any others of your team of shoeboxers who are interested in this important aspect of Blythswood Care’s work, are most warmly invited to join us. Tea and coffee will be available from 10.30 for a start of the presentation at 11.00 am.

They will need some idea of numbers by 19th February 2020 so please email before that date and I will let them know to expect you.

26 January 2020

This morning’s service thought about communication, starting with the children miming a familiar bible story. We all correctly guessed that they were telling the story of Noah’s Ark. They then created some quick drawings to depict some of the elements of the story from rainbows to boats to some of the animals. Tunes can also prompt our recollections.

The sermon continued through the Book of Acts and relates the first preaching by Peter to a large crowd (Acts 2: 14-42) after the first followers had been filled with the Holy Spirit. They were very curious about hearing words in their own languages and suggested that the group were influenced by strong drink. Peter then explained what had happened and referenced scripture and how the events had been foretold; confirming that the crucified Jesus was their Lord and Christ Messiah.

Amongst the thousands hearing this message around three thousand were mortified when they realised the mistake they had made in asking for Jesus to be sacrificed. They asked what they could do. They were invited to repent of their sin and seek baptism, to change their ways and follow Christ’s teachings. This message is the same today and something we are encouraged to communicate to others.

Hospitality: 19 Jan 2020

Folk came from all the Christian churches in Saltcoats for an afternoon of fellowship, songs and discussion. A very successful time and extensive thanks to all who helped to make the afternoon one to remember (and hopefully repeat!).

A fuller report will be included in the upcoming magazine

12 January 2020

Our first two songs this morning were dedicated to praising God which can either be a noisy (“Praise the Lord with the sound of trumpet”) or a little more peaceful (“If I were a butterfly“). It is important to remember to praise God even when things don’t seem to be going quite to plan.

The reflection considered the Scottish Bible Society’s Bible 2020 initiative in a little more detail (more information can be found by clicking HERE), which hopes to have the Bible read in all the world’s many languages during the year so that everyone can understand the words.

The Scottish Bible Society also promote The Community Bible Experience which is the basis for our current learning. Previously we had considered Luke’s Gospel and are now continuing with his writings in Acts.