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7 April 2019

Today’s service included readings from Luke’s Gospel (Luke 9: 57-62 & Luke 15: 25-33) and considered what it means to be a disciple of Christ. Jesus cautioned potential followers that this would be a full-time commitment for life and that we should carefully consider the implications of what this means. During the offering Rosemary played Stuart Townend’s “The Lord’s my Shepherd” which has the refrain “And I will trust in You alone”, the original of which can be heard HERE.

The children had discovered Bible words beginning with ‘L’ and ‘M’ and included:

Lazarus; Luke; Leviticus; lam; Lamentation; life; love; LORD (and Lucifer) then Martha; Mary; manna: Matthew; Mark; Moses; Malachi, Micah and MESSIAH.

There will be no alphabet challenge over the next two weeks during the Easter services of Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and then Easter Sunday but on the 28th April we will be looking at ‘O’ and ‘P’.

If you can, do bring in some greenery to wave during the Palm Sunday service (but please take it home again) and then on Easter Sunday, why not bring in a decorated hard-boiled egg and a daffodil?

Finally, don’t forget the fund-raiser coffee morning on Saturday 13th April at 11:00. If you are able to bring in some additional baking, Sarah (Park) would be very grateful.

31 March 2019

Tomorrow, Monday 1st April, will be the last Country Dancing Club for the summer and they are having a party!

Dates for your diary.

Sarah Park has organised a Fundraiser Coffee Morning, towards her planned volunteering trip to Fiji, in the church hall on Saturday 13th April from 11 o’clock There will be many stalls and activities such as face painting, guess the teddy bears birthday, a bake sale and much more! Sarah would be very grateful for any contributions and support for the event. Tickets are £3 for an adult and £1 for a child .

Friends of South Beach House are holding a Daffodil Tea in the Home at 2pm on Friday 26th April. Tickets are £2 and can be obtained from Evelyn Slater. Please support this worthwhile cause.

With the school holidays now started there weren’t many children in church today but those that came had done their homework again! For “J” they had identified JESUS; Judah; Joseph; Judas (boo?); Jacob; Jonathan; Jerusalem; Joshua; Josiah; Jericho; Jeramiah; Jonah; James & John; Jessica; judgement; judge; Jordan (the river) and Joash. “K” was a little harder but they had managed kindness; knowledge; Kingdom, king and Kedron. If you struggle to think where in the Bible you will find these words, do visit the Bible Gateway website. Next week “L” & “M” will be in the spotlight. Adult members of the congregation are encouraged not to leave it all to the younger folk!

27 March 2019

The Community Café celebrated its 1st Birthday – with cake! See the Community Café page for photos of the happy team who ensure that everyone is greeted with a smile and well fed before they leave. You will need to scroll right to the bottom of the page but enjoy previous pictures as you go!

Community Café Happy 1st Birthday cake...with candles