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23 June 2019

Grateful thanks are offered to people already helping with the exterior of the church (garden and building). Volunteers still sought to wield a paintbrush please (railings).

In two weeks time (Sunday 7th July) we will have an All Age Service and the congregation is invited to bring a memory of their church time as a child – from wherever they were.

Tea at the Bandstand

Please note the change of time for this coming Sunday’s picnic by the sea (weather permitting). It is now 3pm which allows folk to get home and change into more suitable clothes, if necessary.

16 June 2019

A reminder that we are looking for adult volunteers to help look after children during the summer months. PVG clearance needed so please see Maureen for that asap.

Next Sunday there will be a very informal picnic near than bandstand off Montgomerie Crescent (opposite Kerrs Lane), weather permitting. Hopefully members of other local churches will also be there. Do plan ahead and bring your packed lunch!

The Bible alphabet discovery sessions have been missing for the last few weeks because of other important events so we will finish the last letters on Sunday 30th June. As many children are on holiday , adults are asked to help out. Letters “T”, “U”, “V”, “W”, “X”, “Y” & “Z”.

Today is Fathers’ Day so we spent some time thinking about fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers who have enriched our lives. We also remembered fathers who are no longer with us but with God. God is also father to us all and like earthly fathers, is a guide, comforter and forgiver – our shared Daddy.

After a few week’s break, today’s reading returned to Luke’s Gospel and was taken from Chapter 19: 1-10. The sermon reminded us that there are different ways of following Jesus, not just physically as the first disciples did as he travelled around the region, but in other ways. Showing and telling others know about the Good News and evidencing their changing behaviours as in the example of Zacchaeus. We need to remember that following Jesus is a 24/7 commitment. A BBC recording from Liverpool Cathedral of the linked hymn ‘Will you come and follow me” can be found on YouTube (this will open in a new tab).

09 June 2019

Today was a Family Service, a celebration of the young folk in our congregation and Pentecost, which commemorates the birth of the church. Our opening hymn “All over the World, the Sprit is moving” provided a rousing start.

Have you ever tried to ask a group of children to look at the camera … all at the same time? Today was the last day of the Sunday School groups until they return to school in late summer. The congregation were able to look at some of the work they had been doing over the last few months. They had created posters depicting some of Jesus’ parables which described losing something and then the joy and celebration of finding it again. The stories were about one lost sheep, one lost coin and one returning son and reminded us that God will celebrate just as much if we come safely back to Him. They had also provided images of the Lord’s Prayer. A great deal of work had gone into these pictures and credit must go to the Sunday School teachers who provide steady guidance to the young folk.

Certificates were presented to Naomi, Finley and Rohan for their Cross Reach Christmas Card entries. Books for the creche children were given to Jessica, Oscar, Arti and Rock, to Sunday School children Hannah, Sarah, Rohan, Louise, Naomi, Finley, Matthew, Isabella and Ben, Bibles for Katy and Isobel as they transition to the Youth Group. The minister, Sarah, was presented with flowers and chocolates who in turn had gifts for the Sunday School teachers, Julie, Senga and Margaret, Sarah who leads the teenage group and Helen who tirelessly looks after the creche.

After keeping their attention throughout the service, I think it is fair that some of the children were distracted?

Our next All Age Family Services will be 7th July and 4th August.

Deborah Nicol, who is part of the Church of Scotland Youth Assembly and represented Ardrossan Presbytery at this year’s General Assembly, gave us a positive snapshot of the event from her perspective. Deborah encouraged us to take a closer look at some of the reports which were given.

The Way Forward

Building on a brainstorming session that was held last year, we are now focussing in on five areas to help us create a realistic plan for the way ahead. Volunteers from all parts of the congregation are asked to consider whether they can be part of an ideas pool (sign up sheets are in the large hall). This doesn’t mean endless committee meetings but will help us to bring fresh ideas about how we can move forward with Christ in our hearts.

Worship and Nurture;
Families and Young People;
Serving our Community;
Local Churches Together;
Building and Fabric of the Church.