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The Church and Society E-news bulletin can be read online by clicking on the ‘News and Events’ tab and then clicking on ‘Publications and Newsletters’.  Below you will find a selection of items from the September edition.

Service of Reconciliation
Leading figures from the ‘Better Together’ and ‘Yes’ campaigns will be invited to attend a service at St. Giles’ Cathedral on Sunday, September 21st. The service will focus on the need to put differences aside and begin working together, whatever the outcome of the Referendum.   It is hoped that similar services promoting healing and reconciliation will be held throughout the country.
 The service will emphasize the need for people to bring the best of their aspirations for Scotland together in the building of the country’s post-Referendum future.

Scottish Churches congratulated in Parliament
In a recent motion, the Scottish Parliament congratulated Scotland’s churches on their recently-completed series of community events, Imagining Scotland’s Future, which were aimed toward an understanding of the values that would underpin society after the Referendum.  They also noted that this work culminated in the publication of the booklet, Our Vision, and recognised what it sees as the ongoing work of the churches to foster constructive discussion about Scotland’s future.

Good Money Week Conference – Saturday, 4th October
Good Money Week is an annual campaign in October to let people know that they have sustainable and ethical options in their financial decisions.  This event has been organised by the Society, Religion and Technology Project of the Church of Scotland. We hope to provide you with an opportunity to consider how your faith, values and finances interact and how you, and your Church, can make positive decisions about how your money is used in the future.  For more information visit

Dove of Peace Campaign
The Moderator of the General Assembly has urged congregations across Scotland to display their collective desire for world peace through an innovative dove campaign launched last week. Rt. Rev. John Chalmers will present doves – made from pieces of glass picked from the rubble of past invasions of Bethlehem – to those he meets in the UK and beyond during his Moderatorial year.  For further details visit

Ros Lee