Minister’s letter from September 2018 magazine

Dear friends,

We are delighted to be part of the family of St. Cuthbert’s Church and look forward to sharing with you all in worship, fellowship and service.

We have been touched by the warm welcome you have given us on our arrival in the town.  Thank you very much for the greetings cards sent to the manse, for the flowers offered as we chatted over the garden fence, for the food brought to the back door and for hospitality in your homes.

The induction service was very special, combining the formality of such a service with the warmth of St. Cuthbert’s fellowship.  At the social we enjoyed your delicious home-baking and learned a little about local heroes and dialect, as well as the rivalries of different football teams! Your gifts of the flowers, the beautiful picture looking towards Arran, the book token and cheque were most generous.  Thank-you for all your kindness and for all the work put in to make that evening so special.

We would also like to thank the team who joined Archie before our arrival to decorate the manse, make sure everything was comfortable for us, and transformed the garden.  Your hard work is much appreciated.

As a new session begins, I look forward to getting to know more of you through coffee and tea after the service and through visiting the various activities and groups of the Church.

During my first few weeks with you my overarching theme has been “Getting to know you”.

This is a multi-dimensional theme as you get to know me, too, and we seek to get to know Jesus better, so that we can help others also get to know Him better.

To do this we are reading from Luke’s Gospel during Sunday services, and I invite you to read the full Gospel alongside this at home.

Although most of us were probably introduced to Jesus from our childhood days in Sunday School, as adults we often pick and choose the passages we like to read and re-read, not always taking a wider look at the whole message proclaimed and acted upon by Jesus.  We need to remember that getting to know Jesus is not about looking at a snapshot of His life here and there.  Rather, we need to see how Jesus’ life and teaching flow from one day to the next, and how these flow on into the life of the growing and spreading Church.

So let us follow His journey from Bethlehem to Nazareth, through the wilderness experience and the countryside of Galilee with its villages, fertile fields and freshwater lake, through the towns of Judaea up to the capital in Jerusalem.

Let us listen to what He said and watch what He did.

Let us see how He related to honest seekers, humble sinners and the hostile self-righteous.

Let us see how He faced suffering and death, then let us rejoice in His triumph over them, a resurrection life He offers to us all.

With every blessing,

Sarah Nicol.