Session Clerk’s communique from September 2018 Magazine

I am sure that you will be as delighted as I am to have our new minister, Rev. Sarah Nicol, inducted to the charge of Saltcoats St. Cuthbert’s. The Service of Induction on Wednesday 1st August was very moving; the catering superb and the Social, a happy occasion.

Nor will you be surprised, having seen her in action when she preached as Sole Nominee, that Sarah has “ hit the ground running.” This phrase does not refer to Allied troops leaving their landing-craft on D-Day 1944 nor to paratroopers, as is often thought, but its earliest use has been found in an newspaper article from the USA in 1895. We know that the phrase means  “ get off to a brisk and successful start” and Sarah has certainly done that.

As our church organisations begin a new session of activity it is to be hoped that we can all match Sarah’s commitment and enthusiasm and that this new beginning may witness a revival of Christian commitment, attendance and giving – whether the latter be of time, talent or money.

Sutherlands’ Tours will see St. Cuthbert’s members and friends travel to Dunfermline Abbey and other sites on Saturday 15th September. All are welcome. Please see Graeme or Liz Sutherland if interested.

A congregational lunch will be held on Sunday 23rd September after morning service to mark the estimable contribution of Evelyn Slater as Session Clerk of this church for c 20 years. We are most grateful that Angela has agreed to cater for the occasion. If you wish to attend please put your name on the sheet on the church notice- board at the end of the link corridor or give your name to Ann Turner or to me. You will be most welcome.

As I am new to this job, I wish to thank all of you for your support and encouragement. I sure need it. As my late father oft told me when I started a new project and had a wee moan that I had not quite realised what it might entail: “ Ye dae noo!” Translated from the Glengarnock, it means,     “ You do now!”

Elsa Kirk

Session Clerk