Wednesday 1st August 2018 – Induction of Rev Sarah Nicol

A new chapter in the ongoing life of Saltcoats St Cuthbert’s Church of Scotland saw the induction of Rev Sarah Nicol. Ardrossan Presbytery, led by the Interim Moderator, Rev David Watson, managed the proceedings.

After a series of questions asked, and answered by Sarah in the affirmative to the satisfaction of the Presbytery, the Moderator called upon Sarah to sign the Formula (as seen in the photograph on right) saying:

You are now required to sign the appointed Formula as a seal of the vows that you have made.

The Formula states: –

“I believe the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith contained in the Confession of Faith of this Church. I acknowledge the Presbyterian government of this Church to be agreeable to the Word of God, and I promise to observe the order of worship and the administration of all public ordinances as the same are or may be allowed in this Church.”

The right hand of fellowship (as well as hugs!) followed as attending members of Presbytery and our own Session personally welcomed Sarah. Members of Saltcoats St Cuthbert’s were then asked to stand and questions were asked of them – ensuring that they too committed to supporting Sarah in her new ministry.

After this more formal part of the evening, everyone moved through to the larger hall for a time of shared fellowship with tea or coffee, sandwiches and plenty of cake!

Once sated, we returned to the church for an informal welcome to Sarah and her husband Stewart including the giving of gifts to Sarah and Stewart, after which Sarah took the chair. Gifts were presented to David Watson and our much-appreciated locum minister, Mr Bert McCool. These proceedings were interspersed with a very witty welcome from our Session Clerk, Elsa Kirk, a ‘heads up’ from members of her previous churches, greetings from Rev Alex Noble on behalf of the local clergy and musical interludes by the choir. The event was a very relaxed affair, concluding with a vote of thanks to everyone involved in the preparation of all aspects from Dr Simon Hales.