Communion: 7th October 2018

This morning, our minister (Sarah) invited the children and young people to come to the communion table and learn more about the reason for our communion services. She explained that the table itself, lecterns and pulpit are raised above the congregational level; this is to honour the reason they are there, not the people but the Bible, and communion elements. She told them that communion was also known as the Lord’s Supper, the Last Supper and Eucharist but whatever name it is known by, it is when we remember the last meal Jesus had before his arrest and crucifixion. She explained the symbolism of using bread and wine to help the memory and consider the impact it would have had on his friends.

She drew their attention to the frieze on the wall behind the table, pictured above, which depicts one artist’s interpretation of the story.

Later during the service, Sarah told us that today is World Communion Sunday, which takes place on the first Sunday in October and promotes Christian unity and ecumenical cooperation bringing together brothers and sisters in Christ across the world.