28 April 2019

Easter celebrations continue. We were reminded why Sunday is the day of worship in the Christian tradition – because it was the day after the Jewish Sabbath (a Saturday) that the empty tomb was discovered. Today we reflected on various meetings with Jesus after his resurrection, including his preparation of a fish breakfast for his disciples.

The children had brought in some new words in the exploration of the alphabet in the Bible and offered:

“N” Nebuchadnezzar; Noah; Naomi and Nazareth

“O” Obadiah ; Obed (find in Ruth in the Old Testament) and Onesimus (find in Colossians or Philemon in the New Testament letters)

“P” Psalms; Proverbs; Peter; Phillip; Paul; Pontius Pilate: Philemon; pray; prayer and purple (the robe Jesus was made to wear before his crucifixion)

Next week the challenge will be words beginning “Q”, “R” and “S”.

NOTICES: There will be a brief Session meeting directly after the service next Sunday (5th May). The latest Church Magazine is now available on the Magazine page