The Empty Tomb where the light shines in the darkness, He is not here; he has risen!

A joyous service this morning (21 April 2019) as we celebrated Christ’s resurrection. Most of the children, and some of the adults, had brought hard boiled eggs with a variety of decorative styles; one even in a cleverly embellished egg basket. The children then reviewed the Easter story as depicted in the diorama that evolved over the last few days. The hill of Golgotha with the empty crosses; the crown of thorns; Jesus’ cloak, which the soldiers had gambled for using dice; the bloodied spear which had been used to pierce Christ’s side to ensure he was indeed dead. There are blood-stained holes in the cross where the nails punctured his hands and feet. The empty tomb with just the grave linens lying there and the light of the angels who stayed behind.

After the service many joined in an egg rolling bit of fun. This is symbolic of the boulder being rolled away from the grave.

Ready, steady …. and roll! (Verbal permission given by parents to reproduce this photograph)