Hosanna! 14 April 2019

Palm Sunday is one of the key dates in the liturgical calendar. The congregation joined in with the singing and joyously waved palm leaves (alternatives used).

Congregation aware of photo being taken – no objections noted

A little later during the service those who were able paraded round the sanctuary and laid their greenery on the carpet leading to the communion table, with the ministers robe completing the representation of a carpet for a King, as described in the Gospels on Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem.

Our palm leaf laying equivalent

Today’s events give us a chance to reflect on Jesus’ ministry; calling to his followers, including us, to answer the question “Who do you think I am?” or “Who do you say I am?”. Do we believe he is the Son of God? Do we follow him with our whole lives or just sometimes? There is no right answer, everyone will be different. Then, as now, there are dissenters and doubters.

NOTICES: Please refer to the calendar for upcoming events (and cancellations). If you have anything you would like included in the next magazine, it needs to be with William by next Sunday, 21st April.

UPCOMING SERVICES: We look forward to welcoming anyone who can make it to our services on Thursday (Maundy Thursday) at 7pm and Good Friday, also at 7pm, as we remember the Easter story, and particularly the fulfilment of the prophecy that Jesus would rise again. We will celebrate on Sunday morning.