5 May 2019

This morning the children had brought some more words from the Bible for “Q”, “R” & “S”.

“Q” – Queen; Quirinius (the governor of Syria at the time of the first census); quail (caught and eaten during the exodus from Egypt); quiet and quietness.

“R” Ruth; Rebecca; Rachel; Romans; Revelations; risen and resurrection.

“S” Spirit; Solomon; Samuel; Sarah; Sea; Sunday; seraphim; sky; sanctuary and stable (also Satan).

Today’s Bible readings and sermon were thinking about the encounter on the Emmaus Road (Luke 24: 13-49) “Christ IS risen; He is risen indeed”. During the offering we heard Stuart Townend’s “With a prayer (Love incarnate)

Please see separate post about a trip to Heart & Soul on 19th May and other information about the General Assembly (2019).