30 June 2019

Next Sunday is an All Age Service and we were reminded to bring in memorabilia from our own Sunday School days.

Today was the last alphabet Sunday and the following had been found. “T” Tarsus; Theophilus; Thomas; Temple; Tabernacle; Tiberius; tents; taxes and treasure. “U” Ur; Uzziah (a king); Urim and unicorn (only found in the King James version). “V” valley, vine, vision, vow and villages. “W” Way; Word; worship, water; well; work; wind; women and wisdom. “X” Xerxes. “Y” Yahweh; yoke and yesterday. “Z” Zacchaeus; Zaccai, Zillah; zealous; zealot; zeal.

Today’s sermon was split into two parts. The first entitled “Who will do it?” reminded us that Someone Else isn’t always available and encouraging us to consider getting more involved. The second asked “Do What?” when we were reminded that people were asked to put themselves forward to be part of five “Thinking Groups”. These will be a source of both aspirational and practical ideas for our evolution in the 21st century. We are all still on our church journey remembering that our ultimate destination is not the church but the Kingdom of God. The church is however an important part of ensuring our safe and happy arrival.

Worship and Nurture: So far two people have put their names forward. This group will consider different styles of worship and how to develop continuing growth during adulthood.

Families and Young People: No volunteers so far but unless we find ways to reach out, our future looks a little bleak. We are blessed to have some families and children involved but more would be wonderful.

Serving our Community: Again, no volunteers to date but we need to work out how we can become more visible and relevant.

Local Churches Together: Five people have shown an interest in developing our relationship and working together with other denominations in the Three Towns.

Building and Fabric of the Church: Three folk are hoping to consider whether the building and grounds we have are properly equipped to care for people’s spiritual and practical needs. This is far beyond building and land maintenance.

Our final hymn “O breath of life, come sweeping through us” summed up our hopes for the future, asking for God’s help so that we can revive us and the church.