23 February 2020


The Community Cafe will be open this Wednesday, 26th and the church will be open for private reflection.

This week the Men’s Group meet on Thursday 27th in the small hall when the speaker will speak on their visit to Costa Rica. EVERYONE (not just men) is very welcome to come along.

St Cuthbert’s is hosting the World Day of Prayer Service in Saltcoats on Friday 6th March at 2pm. Please do come along and learn about Zimbabwe, sing some favourite hymns, learn a new song written specially for the day and join in a celebratory ecumenical event. The service is led by lay members of all of Saltcoats churches so your support will be appreciated. Please wear bright colourful clothes if you can. We will have tea and coffee afterwards in the large hall.

The March magazine is now available for download from the Magazine page.

Leading up to Lent

In the lead up to Lent, the minister drew our attention to Christian Aid’s annual ‘Count your Blessings’ initiative. You can follow online from the link.

We are delighted that you are joining our Lent journey to contemplate how climate change impacts our sisters and brothers around the world – and take action together to stop the climate crisis. Through Lent themes of awareness, repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation, transformation and blessing, you will meet people who are pushed to the brink of survival by climate change. Each daily action will help you give, act and pray, so together we can fight for a greener future.

Next week, if you can, wear something green (if you have no green clothes or scarves, bring a leaf?).

Today’s readings continued in Acts, Chapter 5: 12-42. Yet again, the apostles were thrown into jail. It wasn’t an easy time to be a follower of Jesus, and could even be dangerous. On this occasion, an angel intervened and released them during the night. The disciples were instructed to stop preaching but they bravely continued to share the story. The first Christian evangelists and missionaries.

We struggle today with our individual responsibilities to draw people into the love of Christ and become closer to God but somehow we need to open our hearts and rise to the challenge of sharing our faith and the Gospel story.