8 March 2020

Many in the congregation responded to the request last week to wear something yellow or orange. Very cheerful! Next week, go with pink or red if you can.

The Men’s Group meet on Thursday coming (12th March) and their speaker will be Archie Kerr who will take us on a spoken journey to explain his work and where it takes him around the world. it should be enlightening and a chance to get to know Archie better. All are very welcome to come along.

During the informal time of this morning’s service the children continued with their garden drawings, this time including something yellow. After a little collective thought, the sun and daffodils were suggested and possibly orange trees.
While the children were busy, the minister held up an orange which has become a symbol from Alzheimer Research to demonstrate the damage to a brain with Alzheimer’s which can leave it weighing 140 g less than a healthy one. That’s about the weight of an orange. (You can find out more HERE #ShareTheOrange) There will be a fundraising coffee morning in St Cuthbert’s Church Hall on Saturday 28th March – more information soon.

Today’s readings (Acts 6: 8-15 & Acts 7: 51-60) told some of the story of Stephen – the first Christian martyr. Acts 7: 1-50 provides a useful summary of key parts of the Old Testament, which Stephen used as his defence and criticism of the Sanhedrin.
We realise that the other new Christians must have been shaken by Stephen’s death and frightened for their own safety but most had the courage to continue to spread the Gospel, as still happens in parts of the world today where there continues to be persecution and even stoning to death.