Caledonia Thesis

A wee note from Meredith Greiling came through a couple of days ago letting me know that she passed her viva examination at the end of November and has now fully completed her PhD. WELL DONE! Meredith is Senior Curator of Transport with responsibility for all land, sea and air transportation in the collections, and has a particular interest in Scottish maritime history.  You can find out a little more about her work HERE (National Museums Scotland website).

The whole document is very large but she has kindly sent me a few extracts which you may be interested to read. She also said “I haven’t sent my entire thesis because it is a huge document, but if you are interested I could send it to you via a file-sharing website, but do not feel obliged!  I also intend to publish my research in some way, probably a follow up piece in Life and Work at the very least as that original article was so helpful at the start of my research.

Please contact the webmaster if you are interested in reading the full thesis and I will forward the request.

Caledonia Saltcoats Abstract

Scottish Church Ship Models summary 2019

Scottish Church Ships Chronological Order