Christian Baptism is the first of two Sacraments celebrated during Sunday worship in our Church, welcoming us into the family of God within both our local congregation and the worldwide Church.

In baptism we affirm the grace of God who reaches out to us in love even before we are aware of His Presence in our life.

Some are baptised in infancy, when their parents or guardians bring them in faith to God, seeking God’s blessing on their children and promising to bring them up in a home inspired by Christian faith, love and service, and as part of the wider family of the Christian Church.  As Christian parents and a Christian congregation we pray that their children, our children, may grow into their own personal profession of faith in Jesus Christ.

Those who have not been baptised in childhood, who are searching and experiencing the blessings of Christian faith, may choose to be baptised as adults as a sign of their joyful acceptance of God’s love and their response of faith.

I would be happy to meet with parents who are wondering about baptism for their children or with adults seeking baptism for themselves.  Please get in touch via the church email or phone so that we can arrange a time to meet to talk together about the promises we make in the baptismal service.

Rev. Sarah Nicol.