Baptismal Fonts

The stone font is original to the church and is of Lylestone. It contains a silver plated baptismal bowl of great age. The bowl was in use within the old Parish Church at Kirkhall, Ardrossan [circa 1744]. Following demolition of this church building it was lost, but later dug up from the ground in the area nearby.

The niece of Laird Weir of Kirkhall presented the bowl to the church. Added to the bowl was a new silver rim with the following inscription:
“Baptismal Bowl, used at Ardrossan Parish Church, Stanley, near Kirkhall.
Long lost and restored by Miss Meikle, niece of Laird Weir of Kirkhall. May 23rd 1903”

The Baptismal Font from South Beach Church, which linked with St Cuthbert’s in the 1960’s, can be seen in the Main Vestibule of the church. It is a Memorial to the Second World War. Also in the vestibule is the Communion table from South Beach.