Becoming a member of the church

I would be happy to meet with any people who are interested in becoming members of the Church. If you have never been a member of a church before, we mark this milestone in your Christian journey through a special service. If you have been baptised already, we would ask you to affirm your faith in Jesus Christ. In many churches this is called a service of Confirmation. The service would reflect on the ways we can continue to grow in faith – through prayer, reading the Bible, participating in Sunday worship and sharing in the various opportunities for fellowship and service offered by the Church. If you have not yet been baptised, then this Sacrament would be part of the service.

If you are already a member of the Church, but want to join St. Cuthbert’s, then you would usually be admitted by transference. Your present church should provide you with a letter or certificate which shows your membership. If it is a long time since you have been in your previous church and you are not able to get a letter or certificate we would still be delighted to welcome you into church membership here by what is called, “Resolution of the Kirk Session”.

If you would like to find out about membership of our church, please get in touch with me via the church email or phone.

Rev. Sarah Nicol.