Community Cafe


Twice a month, currently on the second and fourth Wednesday during the autumn, winter and spring, the Community Cafe at Saltcoats St Cuthbert’s provides a safe space for people to enjoy lunch and company. Offerings range from soup and sandwiches, hot meals, cake (plenty of choices) and a drink (non-alcoholic).

Why a Community Cafe?

It started because of Angela’s experience when her mum developed dementia. They went to memory cafes and there were maybe five to ten people there on a good day. It could be very challenging taking her mum out and about; her behaviour was sometimes off the wall. They felt alone and didn’t know where to get help, the problem made worse because Angela’s mother was a younger woman, didn’t fit into the elderly category and didn’t seem able to access the usual services. As her illness progressed, the family could no longer care for her at home but finding a care home was difficult, because she was under 65.

It was during this time that Angela came upon a number of people in the community who, because of one illness or another, felt isolated and didn’t have anyone to fight their corner; didn’t know where to get information or help. People’s lives can easily become just hospital appointments and isolation or sitting home alone.

One lady at the cafe said she had not eaten mince since her husband died as there was no point in making it for one. That alone is a good reason for the cafe’s existence.

As it becomes better known, it is hoped that more events can be linked into the day.

Before visitors arrive, the serving team are briefed.

The kitchen is standing by – all calm

The children’s play area is ready for action

The home-baking is looking scrumptious!

Ready to serve the minestrone soup

And ready to serve the lentil soup

The chefs will not take prisoners!!

Ready to take payment as you leave – and tempt you to have more cake!

and some very happy customers!

January 2019 – starting well
Happy first birthday to Angela and her team.
Always offering a smile. Where else can you get that?