Congratulations on your engagement!  There are many choices to make as you look forward to celebrating your marriage.

One choice is about where you would like to be married.

You may be wondering about getting married in church, thinking you would like to make your vows to each other in the Presence of God as well as your families and friends.  Although God’s Presence is not limited to the building we call “Church”, there is something special about being in a place where people have gathered to worship God across the generations.  A Christian service of marriage within a church building and fellowship brings a distinctive dimension to the celebration of your special day.  Here we can be very aware of God’s love touching our hearts as we seek God’s blessings on your new life together as husband and wife.

If you would like to speak with me about a wedding service in church, please get in touch via the church email or phone so that we can arrange a time to meet to talk together about what is involved in the service, including the Bible readings and promises you will be making to each other.

Rev. Sarah Nicol.